Written By: Thursday, February 22nd 2018

Flooding from this week’s rain and melt off .. continues to cause headaches for residents and motorists across the region.

Social media has been filled with images from Paisley where the Teeswater River is actually touching the bottom of the bridge while some residents report flooding in their basements.

Bruce County officials say they’ve been monitoring the bridge throughout the night and will update us on any possible closure of the structure if things get worse.

In their latest release issued at 10am Thursday they say that Bruce County Transportation and Environmental Services continues to monitor all roads and bridges under its’ jurisdiction for flooding and structural integrity.

The high water levels at the Teeswater River Bridge on Bruce Road 3 in Paisley remain a concern and will continue to be monitored.

Meanwhile the Chesley Main Street Bridge has suffered significant structural damage and the county has been forced to close it to vehicle traffic indefinitely.

Officials tell Dock News they’ve brought in structural engineers and the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority for consultations before deciding what to do next.

The release states “this bridge has been identified in our long range plan to be replaced in 2021, however this flooding damage has now moved the replacement to an immediate need. The County is investigating the requirements and timing of a quick replacement.”

Any update of any closures will be provided through their website at www.brucecounty.on.ca/road-conditions.

They ask that motorists exercise caution when traveling over roadways, bridges and culverts.

There are still a handful of roads across Grey Bruce…that are under water.

Bruce County ~

Bruce Road 1 in Paisley from Duke Street to Wellington Street

Arran Elderslie has also closed a number of roads:

Elderslie – 15th Sideroad – Between the 8th Concession & 10th Concession
Elderslie – Concession 8 – Between the 10th Sideroad & the 15th Sideroad

Paisley – Water St – Between Albert St & James St

Arran- 20th Sideroad from Concession 12 East to Highway 21
Arran- 15th Sideroad from Concession 10 East to Concession 13 West
Arran – Concession 2 from Bruce Road 10 to Grey-Bruce Line
Arran- Elderslie-Arran Townline from Bruce Road 10 to Grey-Bruce Line
Arran – 25th Sideroad South Arran from Concession 2 to Elderslie-Arran Townline

In Meaford all roads that had been closed due to flooding have now been re opened (updated Feb 22)

Grey Highlands also has closed a number of roads to flooding:

Sideroad 19 between Quiet Valley Road and Grey Road 13

3rd Line C between civic address #316238 and Sideroad 19 (access via Sideroad 22C and Grey Road 13)

Road 55 between Grey Road 4 and 4th concession B

Southgate has closed the following roads due to flooding (Updated Feb 22 3pm)

Southgate Sideroad 41 from Southgate Road 12 to 14