Written By: Monday, July 17th 2017

Union Gas is looking to keep up with the growing demand for natural gas in Grey County.

They are holding public meetings this week in west Grey and Chatsworth regarding a potential 29 kilometer, 12 inch in diameter, natural gas pipeline in order to increase the supply to communities receiving natural gas from the Owen Sound Pipeline System.

The project, titled the Owen Sound Pipeline Reinforcement Project, is reportedly expected to cost $45 million dollars.

West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles says the two meetings are a part of the process for the gas company.

He adds the pipeline won’t directly benefit West Grey, but will be for the good of all Grey County.

All public comments will go to the Ontario Energy Board, who has final approval of for the pipeline.

The first meeting is being held tomorrow at 4:30 at the Durham Community Centre, followed by one on Wednesday at 4:30 at the Williamsford Community Centre.

Union Gas, pending all the approvals, hope to have shovels in the ground by summer of 2019.