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Ahhh February 14th.  The day where the chocolate, flower, and jewelery companies thrive! The day where men and women prove their love with a thoughtful token of their affection.  But what happens when the gift is given with “thoughtless” intentions?
Here are the top 5 WORST gifts to give to your significant other on Valentines Day!



Yes, even though a new household appliance WOULD be nice…it wouldn’t feel very nice to receive one on the day intended to prove how much one loves the other.  Save large appliances for random days, “just because gifts”.  No one wants to know they are valued by how they do daily chores. Yes it’s helpful but it’s not really a gift that shows any personal value.  It’s a gift that, really, is valuable to the whole family.

Instead of dishwashers, dryers, vacuum cleaner, try giving a foot massager.  If you would like to buy one, click here!

Gift Certificate

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Now don’t get me wrong, a girl and guy do typically love a good gift card – when it applies to something they actually enjoy.  However, when you give a gift card that has no true thought behind it or has very little to do with something they actually like, it comes off as thoughtless and lazy.  Be very careful if you do intend to give a gift card, because it could come off as a last minute gift idea.  If you DO intend to give a gift card – maybe do a gift certificate approach instead.  For a woman – a good spa certificate goes a long way.  For a man – their favourite store (EB Games, Bass Pro, Etc).


Like a gift card, money comes off as a very lazy and thoughtless gift idea.  It looks as if you have put in ZERO effort into a present. Throwing money in a card is something your great aunt does, so to receive money from your significant other, looks pretty terrible.  For me? I  would much rather just receive a card and nothing else, rather than receive money stuffed inside the card.



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Remember when you were a kid, with no money, and you would give your parents a handmade booklet with all the things you would do for them over the next few months.  It was an IOU book that would include taking out the trash, walking the dog, doing the dishes etc.  Ten to one you never made it past page two and your parents just forgot about it.  That was cute when you were 11, it’s not so cute now that you’re an adult.  Giving your s/o a homemade gift is FINE if it was made with love and actual effort.  Giving them a piece of paper with things you INTEND on doing isn’t really that great because honestly, we would much rather prefer the chores be helped out with in the first place.  Instead of giving an IOU “1 back massage”, just actually GIVE the back massage right then and there!


Look, I get it.  Times are tough and money is tight.  Not everyone will have money to just throw away on expensive gifts, but you do NOT need to spend a dime in order to show your loved one how much you care.  If you just can’t afford a gift this year, or to spend money on all the other things that comes with Valentines, that’s fine, I’m sure your significant other loves you enough to understand, but don’t just forget about the day altogether.  Treat your loved one to a nice home cooked meal, watch a movie that means something to BOTH of you, just spend time together.  When it comes to gifts, a nice homemade card, baked goodies, a thoughtful poem, etc. would do just nicely!

At the end of the day, this day shouldn’t be all about the money you spend on him or her, but the love and thoughtfulness that goes behind it.  Spend today just realizing how lucky you are to find someone who means the most to you! Shower your s/o with kisses, hugs, and compliments! (compliments always go a long way!)