Written By: Wednesday, December 7th 2016


YouTube can be a mixed bag, it can be used when it shouldn’t, perhaps you’re even reading this while you’re at work? I won’t tell. Other times it can be used to share historical moments to the entire world at once!

Take Tragically Hip’s final concert for an example, CBC streamed that concert on YouTube to 11.7 million people in 188 countries, a concert that most people would have had no ability to see themselves otherwise. Now that video won’t appear on this list because the video was not kept online BUT we’re looking at the videos of 2016 with a Canadian twist.


5. Obama Pronounces Mississauga

Getting close to a million views the President of the United States Barack Obama shares his positive experience during the Tru-Bama bromance tour, however there’s just one name he can’t get, probably wouldn’t have spent too much time there anyway.


4. Don’t Move to Canada Just Yet!

With Donald Trump inching closer and closer to the highest office in the US,huge amounts of Americans talked about flooding through Canadian borders, the immigration site crashed the night of the election! Of course not much has come of it but maybe some caught Stephen Colbert making a case for not abandoning ship, it’s gotten up to 7 million eyes on the video and growing.


3. How to Be a YouTube Star

Now can you name a YouTube star? You didn’t know there were YouTube stars? Alright then sit down.. People are making a living off of being on YouTube! Now here’s a Canadian YouTube star that made it into YouTube’s official top viewed videos of 2016, Lilly Singh beats even Stephen Colbert with over 9 million views!


2. Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

What’s more Canadian than Celine Dion? To any who may doubt her star power this video comes in at 19.4 million views!! Her heart will go on.. couldn’t resist.


1. Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

On November 7th, 2016 the legend Leonard Cohen passed, while this video may not have come out in 2016 after news of his passing his YouTube page saw a surge of 2,088% increase in views, more than 41.2 million views in just that week, the video to see the highest surge? Get the tissues.