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It’s that time of year again when the kids wish list goes out to the Big Man in Red.. that’s all fine and dandy, but what happens when Santa needs some help and your stuck having to find out what to get!?  Have no fear, this list will guide you in the right path when it comes to holiday toy buying, so you know what the hottest gift to give this year.


Hatchimals Egg
$55 – $70

Remember Tamagotchis?  Probably not, but if your kids grew up in the 90’s they most certainly do.  These little computerized toys allowed kids to raise their very own baby or animal, essentially being responsible so the thing wouldn’t die.  Well now there’s a new toy on the market called Hatchimals.  These guys are the same concept only it isn’t on some computer screen.  Your little ones will have to wait well their Hatchimal “hatches”, with cute sounds and a glowing egg!  After it’s born they get a furry little animal they can play around and “parent”.
You can buy yours today at ToysRUs

SELFIE Mic Music-Set
$10 – $30

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You bring your phone everywhere you go and now you can actually have an excuse to pull it out at parties!  This microphone and portable stick (that plugs right into your headphone jack) allows you to sing Karaoke anywhere, anytime.  It also comes with a downloadable app that updates every day with new songs!

You can purchase your Selfie Mic here

Various Price Point

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Everywhere you turn you’ll probably see the word SHOPKINS.  These are the newest craze that every child probably either knows or know and WANTS.  Starting off as a mystery grab bag (various items such as fruit, cleaning products, and other house hold items), these cute, little, plastic toys have spawned and created an entire world and life of its own.  Now you can purchase individual items or whole sets.

You can find a whole list of different Shopkins options here 

PlayStation VR Headset
$500 – higher

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The video gamer in your house will be begging for the newest game system from the makers at PlayStation and truthfully, you’ll get a kick out of it too.  The newest wave of gaming for the PlayStation 4 is now literally throwing you into the gaming world with a headset that turns video games into virtual reality.

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Various Price Point


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Just about everyone has seen the newest Star Wars: Force Awaken movie and as a result a whole new wave of little fans have been created.  Whether you grew up with the movies or now getting started, every little boy and girl will want something from the movie franchise.  With Rogue One: a Star Wars Story coming out in December, themed toys will be flying off the shelf this Christmas season.  You can purchase Lego, action figures, video games, and more all geared to your little Star Wars fan!

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Well there you have it, hopefully this guide helps you out if your stuck finding the perfect gift!