Written By: Thursday, April 28th 2016

No one loves you like your mother so Mother’s Day is a big deal and sometimes a bunch of flowers just isn’t enough. Here are suggestions to have a more bonding relaxing Mother’s Day that you can both enjoy!

Share a Talent

Did you’re mother send you to art classes? Paint her a picture! Music lessons, write a song! A gift like this not only will get her teary eyed remembering sending you to that first class but will completely get her blubbering to see how it all paid off, it’s a good thing!

Find a Talent With Mom

Okay so you didn’t go to classes but now you know a skill you and your mom want to get better at, well why not sign yourselves up for a class, to something as simple as a cooking class or maybe you want to get your hands dirty together and learn auto repair, the options are endless.

Spa Day

A gift that you can both enjoy, a few hours of your day getting yourself beautified, along with spending quality time with your mom. One located right here in Owen Sound Kula Spa might have a few spots left if you want to try squeeze in!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

With Facebook photo albums and cameras on every cell phone there has never been more footage of all of us but it just seems so impersonal. An old fashioned photo album or home movie has never been so charming as it’s just not really done nowadays, it also shows time and effort for your mom.

Charitable Donation

Perhaps your mother truly does have EVERYTHING she could need and can treat herself whenever she wants or she’s just a martyr who doesn’t want to be receiving “useless techno gadgets”. Making a big donation in her name to her favourite charity or cause is the gift that can keep on giving.

Be Your Mom’s Personal Assistant / Maid / Chef / Anything She Needs for the Day

Simple concept and a really good one for the younger crowd I remember when I was younger and could be a tad lazy.. a tad. Well it always perked my mother up when I would show her that I COULD do laundry, make dinner and all the things she had been doing for years.

Whatever you do just make sure you