Written By: Tuesday, November 7th 2017

Its been 7 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours since Bob left us.

It feels so very much longer and yet that horrible week in September, when the sun infuriatingly shone so beautifully, also feels like it was just a heartbeat ago.

So much has happened since that day and at the same time life has stood still.

It has been the hardest 7 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours of my life but I suspect you know that.

Those of you who knew Bob well and those of you who only knew the Bob that showed up weekday mornings from 5:30 to 11 are likely missing him too.

It is that shared grief, with you, that has made my life even slightly bearable for the last 7 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours.

From the moment word got out that Bob had left us, you have shared your sorrow with me.

Phone calls, cards, flowers and letters. Oh the letters. Written, by hand on lined pages, on personal stationery, on the back of hand-drawn sketches, an entire poem on post-it notes.

You came to my door. You dropped off food. You stood in my foyer while I held you and we cried.

You came to the radio station and filled up their book of condolence.

You brought my co workers food and kind words because you knew they were also hurting.

You wrote comments and notes in emails, on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram.

The love poured from every communications portal there was.

I want to thank you for that.

Its what got me through; in fact it helped to get my whole family through that very dark week between his passing and the celebration of life.

I read every single card and letter and comment.

You will never know what it means to me to know how much Bob meant to you.

Its the reason I’m able to get dressed in the morning and function like a human being.

You have carried my broken self on your shoulders for the past 7 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours.

Thank you seems so inadequate for what you have done for me but at the moment it is all I have.

I will never forget the outpouring of this community and will strive to continue to serve it in Bob’s name to honour you for honouring him.

I have been back on the air for three weeks doing afternoon news only.

It hasn’t been an easy transition but it has been a necessary one.

Returning to my Dock family and their unwavering support and shared grief has been a step forward on this long journey I have in front of me.

I will be returning to morning radio on Monday, November 27th with Don Vail while we thank Mark and Meredith for stepping into the breach under some very difficult circumstances.

In the meantime, life will continue as it should.

7 weeks, 1 day and 18 hours.