Written By: Saturday, August 12th 2017


The Town of Saugeen Shores and the Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club are set to co-host the 2017 Provincial Waterfront Championships August 12 to 15, 2017.

In cooperation with The Lifesaving Society, competition events take place at both the Main Beach in Port Elgin and the Chantry View Beach in Southampton. The public will have plenty of opportunities to see athletes from all over the province competing in a variety of events.

Lifesaving is one of the only sports based on the humanitarian principles of SAVING A LIFE. The Provincial Waterfront Championships will see approximately 12 clubs attending.

Events on August 12th and 13th will see 150 athletes compete in the Junior Provincial Championships, and up to 50 athletes competing in the Masters Provincial Championships. Also competing Aug 13th to 15th are 150 athletes in the Senior Provincial Championships. The last time Port Elgin hosted a waterfront Championship was in 1974.

Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club has been in existence since 2007 and was one of the top provincial lifesaving clubs in 2015. The Club has had many successes over the years that include the 2015 National Pool Championships and a provincial sweep in 2014 of all Club championships in Pool, Waterfronts and Lifeguards in both the junior and senior divisions.

Since 2012 the Club has had a number of athletes secure positions on the National Team for the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. The Fundamental Programs have had an average of 250 participants since fall of 2013 per year and continues to grow.

This remains to be a recommended program and one that reaches capacity seasonally. The Club has hosted the ‘Sunset Comp’ at the waterfront (a provincial / regional competition) for the last 5 years with many participants enjoying our Bruce County hospitality.

Schedule of events:

Aug 12, 2017: Junior & Masters Championships, Official Opening Ceremonies 12:45 pm with remarks from Mayor Mike Smith; Southampton Chantry View Beach

Aug 13, 2017: Junior & Masters Championships, Morning 9 – 1 pm; Senior Championships start; 2:45 pm Port Elgin Main Beach. Official Opening Ceremonies (Senior) 2:45 pm; Highlight events:
Junior Iron Guard
Rescue Tube Rescue (team event)
Ocean Woman

Aug 14, 2017: Senior Championships 8:30 am; Port Elgin Main Beach. Highlight events:
Ocean Man
Board Rescue
Surf Ski Race
Board Race

Aug 15, 2017; Senior Championships 8:30 am; Southampton Chantry View Beach. Highlight events:
Beach Flags
Beach Sprint