Written By: Friday, February 17th 2017

Saugeen Shores is waiting just a little bit longer before deciding whether to throw its support behind the proposed DGR in Kincardine.

Its been a year already since the resolution came forward and now they’ve pushed it back until the end of this month.

Councillor Dave Myette says they want to give their residents as well as two of their councillors who were absent at the last meeting, a chance to share their opinions.

Myette who says he fully supports the DGR for low to medium level nuclear waste, also realizes there is a contingent of residents who are vehemently against burying nuclear waste so close to Lake Huron.

“Just like Kincardine, Saugeen Shores has reaped the benefits of having Bruce Power in this region for the past five decades.”.

He says its their responsibility to now deal with the byproduct of those benefits.

Council expects to make their decision on support at their February 27th regular meeting which is expected to be a full house.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Environment has extended their public comment period to March 6th before the federal government makes its final decision on the DGR.