Written By: Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

It is that time of year where we remember  the Canadian men and women who have served their country and raise money to help support our veterans. Poppy sales started on Friday and will continue on until Remembrance Day (Nov. 11th) and here is everything you need to know!


When & where do I wear my poppy?

Some are under the understanding you shouldn’t wear your poppy before Halloween, it’s actually the last Friday of October till the end of Remembrance Day (Nov 11th)! Pin it to your chest, left side, closest to your heart.


In what ways does your money help veterans?

That answer is a mouthful as it helps in so many ways! Food, heating costs, clothing, medication, medical equipment, essential home repairs and emergency shelter, are just a few of the essential services used to improve the quality of life of our veterans.


How many are made?

That number gladly grows about a million a year with 21 million poppies sold in 2015 and sales continue to grow!


Where are they made?

In Ottawa a commercial printer Trico Printing ships them out, interestingly in 2014 Trico began having inmates in minimum, medium and maximum-security prisons put together the poppies as part of a rehab program by Corrections Services Canada.


How do I keep this poppy on!?

It can be a challenge keeping that poppy on your chest and off the street, which can be a sad sight. Now if you are a person that loses many poppy’s and you are about to learn how to keep the first one, so let’s be extra generous on what we give and get some for our friends to show off our moves!

IMPORTANT NOTE: While some people have tried using Canada pins to hold the poppy in place, the Royal Canadian Legion consider this defacing the poppy.

1. Twist the pin

Probably the easiest option take that straight pin and turn it in on itself giving that poppy some grip!

2. An eraser from the end of a pencil

Cheap, easy and let’s face it when did you use the eraser anyway?

3. Tape on the end of the pin

A little piece of tape to make the end of the pin a little thicker should keep it in place!


Remembrance Day is on November 11th, is it a statutory holiday?

Remembrance Day is an important day around the country but it is a statutory holiday in all but 4 provinces; Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, due to their individual labour codes.


Once Remembrance Day comes to a close, what do I do with my poppy?

Traditionally your poppy should be “placed by the graveside” common places are memorials, cenotaphs, the choice is yours!


Great places in Grey Bruce to be for Remembrance Day on the 11th hour!


Chatsworth, 179 Grant Avenue

Eugenia Falls Conservation Area

Hanover, corner of 10th Street and 10th Avenue

Markdale, south of the Municipal offices at the Grey Gables complex just east of Memorial Grove.


Meaford, 12 Nelson Street East

Owen Sound, 815 1st Avenue West

Port Elgin, 610 Mill Street

Tara, 86 River Street

Tobermory, Cenotaph Park, Little Tub Harbour

Wiarton, 577 ON-6