Written By: Friday, October 20th 2017

Schmidt supporters blocking authorities from his property during the raid

A Durham area raw milk farmer has been found guilty of obstruction of justice.

Michael Schmidt was charged two years ago for instigating the obstruction as 70 people lined up to block police from conducting a raid of his dairy equipment.

His co-defendant in the trial John Schnurr was found not guilty of the same charges.

Schmidt runs a cow-share operation out of Glencolton Farms.

The maximum penalty for obstruction is two years in prison.

His sentencing has been put off until November 8th.

He was cleared of theft and mischief charges earlier this year that stemmed from cameras found near his property placed by the Ministry of Resources.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is still waiting on the ruling from a Newmarket judge in which York Region and the province of Ontario have asked for an injunction to stop Schmidt’s operation.