Written By: Thursday, June 14th 2018

Councillor Chris Peabody has announced he’s running for Mayor of Brockton.

Peabody has been on council for 18 years and says he has a solid understanding of the needs of the Municipality and the areas where council can work with the citizens to make improvements.

Peabody cites three main issues in the upcoming campaign:

“First, cutting red tape for the development of Brockton is essential. Brockton has a housing shortage, both of rentals and private homes, and many government barriers exist to block the speedy approval of housing.”

Peabody says he plans to work alongside developers so that Brockton’s population has the opportunity to grow.

He says he’s also worked hard to fight bureaucratic roadblocks to help with the redevelopment of downtown Walkerton businesses.

As well, Peabody believes that renewal of Brockton’s infrastructure is needed.

In 2016, a provincially mandated study gave Brockton’s roads a D rating.

Councillor Peabody sees maintaining and fixing the roads a main priority.

Peabody is also advocating for a balance between fiscal responsibility and providing services.

He says while he’s fought for a more-steady rate of expenditures, Brockton’s budget has increased close to 50% over the last five years.

The municipal election is October 22nd.