Written By: Monday, March 20th 2017

Owen Sound Police Service offered to fly Rainbow flag in June of 2016

Owen Sound’s almost perennial flag flying flap may soon be a thing of the past.

There’s been some controversy over the years about requests and denials to have community flags fly in front of city hall.

Now with the renovations and expansion currently underway, City Manager Wayne Ritchie is recommending the city erect a new community flag pole at the south side of the building that faces 8th Street East.

“A number of Ontario municipalities have reviewed their flag flying policy recently and so we are going tore view ours at the same time we are under renovation to see if we can combine the two”.

He says there would be some restrictions; flags will not be permitted to fly at city hall if they represent political parties, are religious in any way, don’t have any connection to the City of Owen Sound or go against the city’s bylaws.

Flags will not be flown if they promote hatred, violence or discrimination in any way.

After several votes to fly, and then not fly Grey Bruce Pride’s Rainblow flag, the city decided to make it an even playing field and say no to all requests.

The new flag pole, if approved, would be a compromise for all concerned.

The issue is to come up at Monday’s council meeting.