Written By: Tuesday, December 5th 2017

There doesn’t appear to be much of an appetite for switching the Owen Sound municipal police service to the OPP.

Council received a report at Monday night’s meeting comparing both services and their cost over 10 years.

OPP came in at $1.78 million less over the long haul but because Owen Sound would have to borrow money for initial start up costs, the final price tag would bring the difference down to just $680,000 – not the millions in savings that was expected by some.

On top of that, it was determined about 30 people, mostly civilians from the dispatching centre, would lose their jobs in the switch over.

In response to the cost analysis, council has directed the Owen Sound Police Services Board to consider conducting a services review in order to bring their costs down.

Police Chief Bill Sornberger says they are thankful for the support of council and is feeling very positive with the outcome at this point.

He says he’s willing to work with council and the board on any ideas they may have to reduce costs.

The current annual police budget is $7.2 million – about a quarter of the entire city budget.

Meanwhile Mayor Ian Boddy says based on the comments made at the meeting, it doesn’t appear as if there is much of an appetite for making the switch.

But he says they still need to make it official.

He figures the rubber stamp will happen after the Police Services Board meets to discuss budget issues.

The Owen Sound Police Services Board breathing a sigh of relief.

They launched a campaign across the city that included lawn signs to save Owen Sound police.