Written By: Thursday, March 23rd 2017


You shot the duck at the Roller Villa (now Leon’s)

Your first Donut was from Vern’s Donut Villa

You watched Star Wars at the Centre Theatre and The Empire Strikes Back at the Roxy Theatre

Played Mini Putt or smacked balls at the 16th street driving range (now Zehrs)

You danced the night away at ‘The Sound/The Beat’

You didn’t have to walk up Mount St. Harrison – You took the tow rope

You warmed up by the fire at the Harrison Park Inn after tobogganing

You shopped at Woolco (Grey County Mall), and Towers

You ate at the counter at Woolworth’s

Watched the money exchange at McKay’s

You attended a Spencer’s ‘Garage Sale’

Your May 2-4 was at Newash!

You applied for a job at the ‘The NEW’ mall in the middle of nowhere

You have seen the lighting of the big tree at City Hall

You rented your VHS’s from Video Town

You had friends who or you attended schools below the East Hill (Strathcona, OSCVI, Ryerson)

You purchased your Commodore 64 from Canadian Tire (now Staples)

You played Night Driver and other great video games during your birthday party at the Bowling Alley

Your favourite restaurants were the ScopisVillage Square and The Trio

Your penny candy was purchased from Rocking Horse (Now Frog Pond)

You remember sneaking into the Drive In (please don’t check the trunk)

You saw your first circus at the Owen Sound Arena (Where Metro is now)

You had a birthday party in a caboose at McDonald’s

If you didn’t eat IN your car at A&W, you enjoyed your glass of root beer at the sunken fireplace

You or your parents purchased shoes at either Ron Oatt Shoes or Scarrow’s Shoes. At Scarrow’s you rode the horses

Your first pizza experience was at Pepi’s Pizza. It was also your first experience with chilli pepper seeds

If you didn’t make the trek to Meaford to buy your bike, you most likely bought it from Todd’s Sporting Goods

You sat on the benches surrounded by trees between Food City and Towers and also dropped a coin or two into one of the gumball machines

You found yourself running from a bright yellow police car

You remember the stain glass lamps at Mother’s Pizza and you may still have a Mother’s Pizza glass in your cupboard

You played pool at Wunderlich’s and video games at the Wizard’s Castle

Your Friday night included dancing in the gym at the YMCA

You were an extra in “One Magic Christmas”

You swam at Kelso beach and also at the Mill Dam

You spend hours scanning the Consumers Distributing catalog to then find out the item you want is out of stock

Orange or Root Beer was your favourite Pop Shoppe Pop

General and Marine Hospital. You spent some time there!

Your favourite music was bought on 45’s from Sam’s or Roberts Radio and Electric

Your petrol was purchased from the Octopus looking Sunny’s Gas Bar

You’ve walked across the railway bridge

A great supper was chicken on a bun from Ted and Graces

You drove through the ‘mile drive‘ at Harrison Park

You bought your jeans with flip down pockets on the knees and the store brand sweatshirt from Shoppers clothing and you went next store to Raintree to pick up your first pair of Oakley’s

You have jumped off the Jubilee bridge and the Chinese bridge