Written By: Tuesday, August 30th 2016

With just a few precious weeks left of the summer we take a look at the Summer of ’16

Meeting a legend

We hope you got to see the stellar performances at Summertime Blues 2016, we at the Dock got a speacial opportunity to speak to George Thorogood himself (Spoiler: He was everything you wanted him to be!)

Even meeting a listener and R4R supporter!

That one time at Tim Hortons…

Rio Olympics

It was off to a bumpy start but the Rio Olympics was a very successful one for Canada bringing home 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 15 Bronze.

It was also a huge event for Toronto’s Penny Oleksiak, Canada’s newest Olympic star, only 16 years old Oleksiak won Canada’s first two medals and the gold she won was a nail biter (see below)

Radio for Radiology

A 5 year campaign to raise $250,000 to pay for the new CT Scanner at Owen Sound Regional Hospital, that was the goal and it couldn’t have been achieved without you. Thanks Grey Bruce!!

Andrew Fitzgerald

The story of Andrew made it’s way through the community, we wished for a happy ending, unfortunately there was none but once again through the charity of the community hopefully we eased the pain of those affected.