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Saturday, August 30th, 2014

New land claim meetings draw strong response… one more to go today

Two sauble meeting 1meetings presenting a new side of the Sauble Beach land claim issue were well received yesterday… and one final one in the series hosted by the Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association goes today.

The meetings are focused on Historical documents from archives in Ottawa that suggest say the Saugeen First Nations northern border is at Main Street, where it has been for over 150 years… and not at 6th street as government findings suggest.

Members of the association felt both sides were not represented after the meetings earlier this month,  and that it was premature for South Bruce Peninsula council to consider  co-management of the beach with First Nations.

Councillor Marilyn Bowman says people have a right all the information out there.

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Many who attended the August 6th meetings  expressed frustration that the evidence presented was one sided… and after yesterdays meetings… attendees said it’s vital this new research is released so people can get the full picture…

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South Bruce Peninsula Councillor Janice Jackson says the next step is taking the new information back to council…

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People in attendance were also asked to sign a petition asking council to appoint a second lawyer with experience in Native land claim issues to continue researching the evidence and also to defer any action by council on the land claim until after the October election. Today’s meeting goes at 1 at Amabel Sauble School.

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Owen Sound police bust 3 for cocaine trafficking

OwenSoundPoliceOwen Sound police arrested and charged 3 people for cocaine possession and trafficking in 2 separate incidents yesterday.

Police say the first involved a 51 year old woman, who they were keeping a close eye on throughout the evening until questioning her in a parking lot where officers found 700 dollars worth of cocaine on her and 160 bucks in cash.

The second bust saw the Drug unti execute a search warrant at a west side apartment where they found 24 hundred dollars in cocaine, 3000 in cash. plus scales and packaging.

A 46 and 49 year old husband and wife from Owen Sound were arrested and charged at the scene.

All three parties arrested last night were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime and will be in court next month.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Court rules West Grey unfair to Nextera

West Grey’s lawyers are still pouring over a court ruling that says they have to stop stalling the Nextera wind development near Priceville.

westgreyThe municipality has been slapping Nextera with bylaws regarding construction of the 14 turbines and the court has ruled they were unnecessarily standing in the way of the development.

They’ve also been ordered to pay 15 thousand dollars in the developer’s court costs.

Mayor Kevin Eccles says the issue will be discussed further at their September 3rd council meeting.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Kimberley Love acclaimed as federal liberal candidate

Local Liberals are preparing for next year’s federal election.

kimberley loveKimberley Love has been acclaimed as the federal Liberal candidate in the riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound.

Her campaign office will open shortly in downtown Owen Sound while Love recruits volunteers for her campaign.

Love says she believes Canadians want a new kind of politics that can only be delivered by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

She’ll be running head to head against Tory M-P Larry Miller.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Lions Head couple busted

A drug bust in Lions Head results in charges against two people.

oppBruce Peninsula OPP say a 51 year old man and 50 year woman, were charged after pot plants, drug production equipment, firearms, ammunition and a crossbow were found in the home.

Value of the drugs is estimated to be 36 thousand dollars.

The pair face drug possession, and trafficking charges as well as improper storage of a firearm.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Man arrested for harassing Grey County women online

A West Grey woman and a woman from Hanover have finally seen justice.

west grey policeWest Grey Police tell Dock News, the two females reported to them in the spring of this year, a man sexually harassed them online via video chat.

The culprit was tracked down to a community in Quebec, with investigation involving several municipal police agencies.

It turns out there were multiple victims in Ontario and Quebec.

A 34 year old man is charged with harassment, performing indecent acts, mischief and theft.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Sauble Beach land claim meeting draws huge turnout

The Sauble Beach Community Centre was jam packed today with residents eager to hear new information on the First Nations land claim…contrary to what was presented at government meetings on August 6.

sauble meeting 1The Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association presented historical documents that indicate the northern boundary of the Saugeen First Nation is Main Street, not 6th Street North.

Their main point was for residents to press council to appoint another lawyer well versed on land claim issues, to assist council in their decision to go to litigation or accept a co-management deal with First Nations to operate the beach…and for council to defer the matter until after the October 27 election.

Many at today’s meeting are reluctant for council to form a co-management team to operate the beach if First Nations take it over.

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Others are concerned for a drop in property values if the beach is turned over the First Nations…and environmental concerns as well.

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Residents in attendance appreciated hearing another side to the land claim, that disputes what was released at the government meeting on August 6.

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All public members that Dock News spoke to, reiterate, they respect First Nations people and they want to be good neighbours to them.

Handouts were given to all audience members that includes links to the documents, and a petition.

Another meeting is scheduled for 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon at Amabel Sauble School.

Calls to Saugeen First Nation for a comment, have gone unanswered.

Link to documents

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Things to keep in mind this long weekend

We are on the doorstep of the final long weekend of the summer… and there are a few things to keep in mind.

O-p-p will be stepping up their enforcement of distracted driving.

They warn they’ve got an additional 10 unmarked cruisers out there this weekend looking for drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road.

There will of course be the standard crack down on drivers and boaters who aren’t following the rules.

Meanwhile you may want to hunt for a gas bargain this morning before you do any traveling with word that prices at the pumps will be rising head of the long weekend.

Prices range from as low as a buck-25 in some place to almost a dollar 34 in others .. and that’s just Grey Bruce.

Over in Ottawa they’re paying about a buck-10 a litre while Parry Sound is at a whopping dollar-52.

And just a reminder to stock up as many stores including beer and liquor.. will be closed on Monday.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Man rescued from Grotto

Some unwanted excitement at the Grotto yesterday when a man fell onto the rocks.

Police say the 45 year old Toronto man was seriously injured enough to require the air ambulance to land near the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Its estimated he fell about 50 feet.

It was quite a scene with police, fire, parks officials and the Coast Gaurd all attending.

Firefighters eventually raised the man from the water’s edge in a basket in about an hour.

Just getting to the scene proved difficult as all of the rescue equipment had to be taken back on a Gator.

Its believed the man’s injuries were not life threatening and officials say he was conscious the whole time of the rescue.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

More Sauble Beach land claim meetings

sauble meeting 1
More meetings on the Sauble Beach Land Claim are being held today and tomorrow that some residents say will present evidence that disputes the information presented by the federal government at the August 6th meetings.

Organizers, The Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association say they feel the information presented by the government at that meeting was biased.

President Doug Jordan …

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Jordan says while they weren’t working together… the information they collected backs up the statements made in the recently released Newbould report… that the First Nations boundary ends at Main Street.

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Jordan is hoping as many people who came to the August 6th meeting will be able to attend at least one of these sessions…

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Property owners are concerned that the value of their homes is going to drop substantially…meaning higher taxes across the board in South Bruce Peninsula.

Today’s meetings are being held at the Sauble Beach Community Centre at 9:30 and 11:30.

Dock News will be there.

Saturday’s meeting starts at 1 at Amabel Sauble Community school.

Meanwhile there may not be a full contingent of council at these meetings…. and there’s good reason for that. Mayor John Close says he won’t be attending…..not because he doesn’t want to hear the information but because the government policies have made it difficult…

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Close says new Ombudsman rules mean certain stipulations have to be met ..including giving proper notice to council about the meeting…

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However Close says he does hope at least a couple of councillors attend and bring back the information.