Written By: Wednesday, April 19th 2017

Photo courtesy Owen Sound Police

The 6th annual Brendan Rourke memorial inside ride supporting kids with cancer at the OSDSS collected $15,800 in support of kids with cancer being treated at our regions Pediatric oncology Center in London.

100% of monies raised go to Childcan who operate support programs such as the parental hospital parking reimbursement program which requires over $30,000 annually.

This year event total, the first at the new amalgamated OSDSS, added with the previous five events bring the lifetime total of the inside ride to $154,636.00.

Over 175 staff, students community members, Owen Sound police officers and students from OSDSS, Sullivan Community school, Bayview, Alexandra and Holland Chatsworth took part in the event.

The Owen Sound Police team registered twenty kilometres in the one-hour timed event falling a whopping 10km behind the winning distance.

They did however receive the medal for the most money raised by an individual male rider.

For more information on the cause go to https://childcan.com/report-of-hope/