Written By: Wednesday, May 17th 2017

Grey County’s Warden is welcoming a decision by the provincial government to completely overhaul the Ontario Municipal Board.

The OMB has long been a pain in the side for municipalities across the province where provincial appointees overrule their neighbourhood planning policies.

Warden Al Barfoot says the changes are expected to be a complete 180 degree turn which will give them back some of their power while still being fair to everyone.

“People will still have their chance to have their appeals heard but they won’t be able to drag the process out which is unfortunately what’s been happening in the past. They drag it out and then at the last minute they say OK, I guess we’re going to give in on it.”

Barfoot says gravel pits are a prime example in Grey County.

“Every time there is a gravel pit in an area, it always ends up at the OMB and there are numerous reasons why it shouldn’t go there. So we are under the impression this will streamline some of that.”

Grey County’s Director of Planning and Development will be attending a planning conference next week for Ontario municipalities and more information will likely be released then.

The newly revamped Local Planning Appeals Tribunal is expected to be in place in 2017

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