Written By: Wednesday, February 21st 2018

Flooding in Walkerton in 2016

Officials with Grey Sauble Conservation Authority say watersheds across the region have received over 50 mm of rain in the past day and a half.

They say several of their systems appear to have peaked overnight.

However, flows remain high with most flows still exceeding average spring runoff conditions.

A Flood Watch is in effect for the entire Grey Sauble watershed.

Flows are noticeably higher in the Sauble River, the Bighead River, and the Beaver River watersheds, with flooding observed in areas along these systems as a result a Flood Warning is in effect for the Sauble River, the Bighead River, and the Beaver River.

Municipalities, emergency services and individual landowners in flood-prone areas should be on alert.

Hazardous conditions may exist around all water bodies, as there is a high risk of life-threatening injury if a person falls into the extremely cold water.

The public and especially children are advised to stay away from all bodies of water.

Localized flooding may also occur in low lying areas that typically flood or are known to be impacted by ice jamming.

Grey Sauble staff will continue to monitor weather and river conditions and will provide updates as needed.

A close watch on local forecasts and conditions is recommended.

This message will be in effect until 10:00am on Thursday February 22, 2018.