Written By: Monday, August 28th 2017

Fishin’ for Cash

92.3 The Dock wants to give you COLD. HARD. CASH.   

How do you win?  Well here’s how it works…

Listen to 92.3 The Dock on your FM dial.  When you hear this sounder…

Listen closely to find out what caller number our announcer is looking for and call 519-470-3625 (DOCK), as fast as you can!

The correct caller will play “Fishin’ for Cash”.

They will take a cast off the dock, and reel in a bag of cash!

Now, the hard part… do you keep the money you just reeled in, or take your chances, throw back the bag of cash you just won, in hopes of reeling in MORE money?

Be careful, not every cast is a winner and you may pull up some trash from the bottom of the lake.



Happy Fishing!

Fishin’ for Cash is made possible by Lake Huron Rod and Gun in Underwood


If you have any questions or concerns reach out to our Promotions Team by calling 519-470-7626 ext 407 or by emailing our Promotions Director at kscott@larche.com