Written By: Thursday, May 18th 2017

Owen Sound Police has handed out their annual Chief Citations for bravery. But this time around, there were no individual honours, but an entire group of emergency responders has been recognized.

Grey County Paramedics, Grey County Fire Coordinator along with Owen Sound, Intertownship and Chatsworth fire departments all received the the Emergency Response teamwork award for their bravery during the August 10th, 2015 fires in Owen Sound that left more than 40 people homeless after 9 separate fires were started in the east end that morning.

Police Chief Bill Sornberger credits the work of all five organizations for making sure no one was seriously injured during the multiple blazes.

“The teamwork that was exemplified by the Owen Sound Fire Department, Intertownship Fire Department, Chatsworth Fire Department, Grey County Paramedic Services and the Grey County Fire Coordinator was remarkable. Managing resources, logistics, personnel, critical incident operations and triaging patients was done professionally and diligently; demonstrating all of the characteristics of teamwork.”

He says one agency alone could not have managed the crisis.

Sornberger adds as a first responder, you always want to make sure you have back up. That night, these organizations showed the community of Owen Sound has back up.

“It shows there are no boundaries. In policing, we have no boundaries when it comes to criminal investigations and they’re are showing there are no boundaries when it comes to saving lives.”

Donald Wilson is currently waiting on sentencing after pleading guilty to 20 arson charges.

Sornberger says they are looking forward to having closure in the case, but adds he thinks it’s important for the community to have closure as well.