Written By: Tuesday, June 12th 2018

Now that Al Barfoot has announced he won’t be seeking re-election as Mayor of Georgian Bluffs, Deputy Mayor Dwight Burley has decided to take a run at it.

Burley originally filed his papers last month to seek a fourth term as Deputy Mayor but says Barfoot’s announcement has changed that.

He re-filed his papers last Friday.

Meanwhile Saugeen Shores Councillor Mike Myatt has filed nomination papers for Vice Deputy Mayor position in the upcoming fall municipal election.

“I served as your Town’s Director of Community Services from 2001 to 2010, and over the past four years I have served on Council as Saugeen Township Ward Councillor, and both experiences have been gratifying and rewarding”. “We are the envy of many communities with our beaches, trails, and with the recently announced 13 Billion Dollar refurbishment program at Bruce Power which augurs well for the Town of Saugeen Shores”. “We are blessed with an amazing core of volunteers that represent dozens of minor sport and adult organizations and it’s important to provide support to these groups if we are to remain vibrant as a community”.

Myatt also wishes to pass on to Saugeen Shores residents his vision for a collaborative Council:

• Our residents deserve a Council that recognizes the importance of local businesses and a Council that strives to support their requests for increased parking, downtown beautification, and changes that makes good planning sense
• Our residents deserve a Council that welcomes dialogue as Council needs to hear your voice and I will listen and respond to your concerns
• Our residents deserve a Council that understands and supports “quality of life” in Saugeen Shores and this means listening to the needs of older adults in our community, listening to the needs of our youth, listening to those with housing needs, and listening to participants in various sporting and cultural activities
• Our residents deserve a Council that is strategic with their thinking and aggressive with their efforts to leverage full benefits from Bruce Power’s most recent significant investments in Saugeen Shores and in the region
• If elected, I will continue to lobby the Provincial and Federal Government for increased partnership funding and for capital infrastructure dollars to assist with funding numerous outstanding capital projects in Saugeen Shores
• Above all, our residents deserve a Council that recognizes that Saugeen Shores is the absolute best place to live in all of Ontario, but we must not rest on our laurels; Council needs to continue to ensure that Saugeen Shores remains as a safe and healthy place for all residents

The municipal elections are October 22.