Written By: Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Owen Sound is making sure they are prepared for anything when it comes to their investment in the Sydenham Heights project.

This includes the possibility of having the provincially protect butternut trees on the vacant lot by the Owen Sound hospital and Walmart.

They are currently in the planning stages of extending sewer and water services to the area in preparation for development.

Director of Operations Ken Becking says they haven’t even determined whether there are trees on the property and will have to wait until the spring to find out.

He adds even if there are trees present, it would likely only delay the project for a couple of weeks.

At most, if the trees have to be removed, they will just be required to plant more to replace the ones they would’ve had to cut down.

The city is hoping to have finished construction on the sewer lines by the end of this year, but the work could spill over into 2018.

It is expected to cost $3.5 million but officials say they will likely recoup the cost through development fees on the site.

One of the major developments comes from RedHawk Construction, who are planning a residential development with more than 350 units.