Written By: Friday, July 29th 2016

This year is chock of full of famous 50th anniversaries in rock and roll: The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, the final Beatles concert, The Monkees’ arrival, Donovan’s signature song.


beach boys



We mark one more of them today (Friday). Exactly 50 years ago, Bob Dylan crashed his motorcycle in upstate New York.


On July 29th, 1966, he flipped his bike, apparently on a slippery patch of pavement — and wound up hitting the pause button in his career. He didn’t tour again for years, and his next album, John Wesley Harding, came out a year and a half later.

While acknowledging in his book Chronicles that he’d been in an accident, Dylan has never offered much in the way of details.

So, in typical Dylan fashion, we take note of an event for which we don’t have the definitive story.