Written By: Tuesday, July 26th 2016

Klaus Voormann, the German artist and bass player who designed the album sleeve for The Beatles’ Revolver, has done something special to celebrate next month’s 50th anniversary of the landmark release.

Voormann has written and drawn a graphic novel about the album and his role in making it. It’s titled Birth of an Icon: Revolver 50, and is available through his website, voormann.com. He’s launching the book on August 5th, the date of the British release of the album. The American version came out three days later on the 8th.


Among revelations in the book:

Voormann drew the cover on the kitchen table of his attic.

He worked on it for about a week over a three week period.

He received 25 pounds — a little over 60 dollars — for doing it.

The album’s closing song, “Tomorrow Never Knows,” was a big influence on his design choice.

One reason he chose to draw the cover in black and white was to have it stand out from all the psychedelic
colored album jackets at the time.

Voormann has hand-signed all the copies of the book and even gotten some quotes out of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. He also lists his one-time Manfred Mann bandmate, singer Mike D’Abo, as a “guest author.”