Local Bee Keepers Face Heavy Losses

Local bee keepers say the government needs to do more to help them cope with their loss of bees due to the harsh winter and pesticides… a problem that is already apparent in the Grey Bruce region this year.


The provincial government has initiated a compensation program for hives that are lost… offering 105 dollars per hive. Many bee keepers say a more realistic number is 500 dollars. Guy Anderson, of Hive n’ Hoe Country Store in Kincardine says he is going into year number two of a provincial study, trying to determine a link between dying bees and the pesticide Neonicotinoid.

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Anderson says at least eight chemicals were found in surface water, pollen and soil samples taken locally. He says the government wants to study the matter further. Anderson doesn’t know why the pesticide, that is water solluable, is used so widely across the province.

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Anderson says he’s not sure how long it will take before bee keepers will have an answer to their call for the ban of the pesticide. He says he doesn’t understand why the pesticide is used all across Ontario, because there is only fifteen per cent of the province that has a need for it.

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