Ford Spews Expletives On Live TV

More denials and shock from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford today,  who used extremely crude language on live TV this morning, when he was responding to allegations that he made lewd sexual comments to a female staffer.

Ford said he was launching law suits against former staffers who told police of inappropriate behaviour including alleged prostitutes, binge drinking, and drug use, at City Hall.

He’s also suing a waiter who he says told outright lies and apparently some media.

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The councillor behind the non binding motion that passed 37 to 5 yesterday, asking Ford step away from office and seek help, says today’s outburst from the mayor was completely unacceptable… followed by a call for his resignation.

Ford, just moments ago, addressed the media again, this time apologizing for his crude language earlier today.

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Ford said he wants everyone to know, he is seeking help.

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Ford ended with a plea for everyone to respect his family’s privacy….Meanwhile a new poll shows that 62 percent of Toronto residents say they wouldn’t vote for Ford in next year’s election ..under any circumstance.

Note: The following edited clip is an excerpt from Ford’s morning press conference and may note be suitable for all listeners.

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