Written By: Monday, October 12th 2015


For new “fur” parents, finding the perfect fit for your family can be incredibly stressful.  “Should we get a cat? a dog? what about a rabbit?”, “Where can one perhaps find a quiet, gentle, mature cat?”, “Our family LOVES animals, but our place isn’t big enough for a large breed of dog!”
Visiting your local animal shelter can be a rewarding and incredibly educational way to adopt your new family addition..

The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter is a fantastic place for anyone looking to adopt, but you may not realize what all goes into keeping the Animal Shelter available, or what other benefits it offers.
To help raise awareness on how important our community needs a place like the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter.. Here are 6 things you may not know about the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter.

1. Take the time to really KNOW your pet of choice! 

The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter wants you to love your new pet.  This might entail getting to know the type of breed,.. is it too big… is it too active… is it a digger, a chewer, or a barker.  Once you have found your pet of choice the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter might be able to hold your new pet for a very limited time.  Please call to make arrangements.


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2. Where do the animals come from?

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter is not an agency that rescues strays or injured animals.  They take in pets from the Grey Bruce region that already have owners but for a variety of reasons can no longer care for them.  They are willingly brought in by their present owners.  This way, there is a history of the pet, what breed, what are the circumstances of the surrender, what special attention do they need and a variety of other questions and concerns that the new owner might want to know.

3. Offers more than just Dogs & Cats!

The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter not only caters to dog and cat lovers, but other small animals and birds are welcome.  Guinea Pigs, birds, hamsters, any small pet that can live comfortably and safely in an apartment or home.

4. Who pays for the shelter?

Money to tend and care for these pets is graciously donated.   They are a charitable organization and receive no government funding.  As a result, there are limitations to the number of animals at any given time so they can properly be cared for until arriving at their forever home.

5. What if I can’t have a pet at my home?

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter welcomes anyone interested in caring for their animals, even if they can’t take them home.  Volunteers come to help groom, feed, love, socialize and play with the animals.  Community hours and student volunteer hours are also welcomed.  Anyone wanting to share their love with these pets can come and love them until their heart’s content.


The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter offers an online Lost & Found section that is incredibly useful for locating your beloved pet.  It allows you to post a picture and any information about your pet that may make bringing him/her home easier and safer.  Also, if you have noticed a stray animal wondering around in your neigbourhood and would like to search for their owners, you can also utilize the site to help track down their parents.  Click here if you would like to see more information.


There you have it, next time you’re in the market for a new friend give the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter a call.