Written By: Tuesday, March 14th 2017


As a kid there was no surer sign of “it’s-almost-spring!” then rolling maple taffy off of snow onto a popsicle stick.  I like to think of that sweet treat as a present from Nature for dealing with all that winter throws at us!

The association of maple syrup and Spring is obviously not a new one. The sweet sap of the sugar maple was known and valued by the Indigenous peoples of our area long before the arrival of European settlers. The maple sugar moon has always stood as a harbinger of Spring! It is this tradition that is celebrated at the Maple Sugar Moon Festival, this Saturday March 25th, at the Grey Roots Museum & Archives. 

So here are 4 things that make the  Maple Sugar Moon Festival a can’t miss family festival!

1. Sweet Treats!


The Festival certainly has a number of sweet treats to cover in maple syrup!  There is funnel cake, maple taffy, and what would a maple syrup festival be without fresh made pancakes! There are local vendors on site selling some maple syrup and maple products that you can take home as well!  Plus a big part of the Grey Roots experience is that it’s experiential. So you can cook up your own treat over an open fire as you make a piece of bannock to enjoy!




2. Watch the sap run!

Sure you have tasted the end product (maple syrup), so why not see how it all begins! Find out how we get the syrup from the tree and see the sap run!

3. The European Settler Experience

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Take a little trip back in time in Moreston village. Travel through the village the way they used to: with a Horse Drawn Wagon Ride! Listen to traditional fiddle music in the school house. Visit the “rockstar” of the Village – the blacksmith – he’s making lots of noise and playing with fire! Plus, the kids can do some traditional woodworking (no power tools required!)  –  they can try their hand at spill making and wood augering


4. The Anishnaabe Experience


This is truly what makes the Maple Sugar Moon Festival unique.  Friends from the M’Wikwedong Native Culture Resource Centre will be there to share cedar tea and share in their knowledge.


So bring your family out to the Maple Sugar Moon Festival, this Saturday, March 25 from 11am until 4pm. Take a look at the video below for some more on what to expect from the festival.