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Well, its that time of year again.  Most people just decorate the ol’ Christmas tree, leave milk and cookies out for the Big Guy in the red suit, and gobble up that good cooked turkey… but have you ever thought about other traditions and where they may have started? Maybe you want to spice up next year’s Christmas by incorporating some of these  family traditions.

The Christmas Pickle

Despite disputes of origin, the United States or Germany, the Christmas Pickle is a decoration in the shape of a pickle that is hidden in a Christmas tree on Christmas eve.  In the morning, the finder of the pickle is rewarded not only with good fortune for the following year but being the first to open a Christmas present.


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  I had never heard of this until one of my friends had an ugly pickle ornament on their tree.  When I finally asked, without sounding too rude, what it was… she gave me the look of death because I had never heard of the tradition before that night.  Now, after knowing it brings good fortune, my Husband and I place the ugly pickle on our tree.  It’s our newest Christmas tradition, we love the fact it is so random and nontraditional.

Elf on the Shelf

A family favorite to most, this little guy is still unknown by many.  You may have seen  him in your grandparents’ attic or in pretty funny situations on your friends Facebook pages. The Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition became poplar in 2005 after authors Carol. V Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell created this little tale about Scout the magic Elf.  The elf itself has been around for ages but the book brought the character to life and gave him a story of his own.  He has been known to keep an eye on all the little girls and boys for Santa.  Many use him to keep children in line before the big day, the elf is always referred to Santa’s spy. 

In the past couple of years it has blossomed on social media to put your Elf in very interesting and obscure places around the home.  The idea is to keep Elf in different areas each day so your child thinks he’s moving on his own, but to be honest, it’s more fun to think up creative ways for Scout to pose for the camera.

Sally and cookie monster were found having a snack. #ithasbegun #elfontheshelf2015

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Our very own Julia Wells has been documenting Scouts crazy adventures for a while now!


Burning Christmas Letters

While writing this blog, my mom insisted I add The Burning of the Christmas letter.  I was completely confused.  Why would you burn something you want the big man in red to read?  While researching I quickly began reading story after story about children who burn their Christmas wish list letters in the fireplace.  According to the official tradition, you light your letter a blaze so the smoke can float your letter up the chimney and the wind can send it off to the North Pole.  My mom and her siblings use to do this very act every Christmas eve.  Legend has it, Santa can magically piece together your letter and figure out what you want!  Obviously with this tradition it’s best to use fire safety precaution before you go ahead and start lighting paper on fire! If burning your letter isn’t your thing, you can always send it to: North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0



Ahh the mythical, horrifying, legend of Krampus.  If you’re looking for the Anti-Santa look no further than the goat like demon they refer to as the Christmas Devil.  Unlike Santa who rewarded good behaviour with gifts, Krampus punished children for poor or bad behaviour.  A German legend scared many children by reminding them that Krampus would drag them back to his lair.  If you would like to know if Krampus is heading your way, leave a boot by the front door before Christmas eve and if its filled with a rod you’re in trouble.   If you’re a horror buff like me, finding “Christmas-y” horror movies is a difficult find. Coming out in December, Krampus is getting his very own movie starring Toni Collette and Adam Scott. Not to be undone, Canada has created it’s own version called a Christmas Horror Story.  (Out now).

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Whatever you and your family have in store for your upcoming Christmas, I hope you have a blast!  From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and even better New Year!