Written By: Friday, July 28th 2017


Almost a decade ago working in coffee shops it was not hard for any of us to tell you the most stressful times of the year, rushes of people that you hadn’t seen all year coming in at once, there was BOGO day “buy one get one’s” & there was the official start of fall with Pumpkin Spice.


It’s become a tradition of sorts now for all sorts of brands to jump on the limited edition Pumpkin trend but in July 2017 we already have our first one out there, a move that has made many scream “let us enjoy summer without thinking about fall!”. What candy dares to make such a bold move? The last you would expect.. Werther’s Originals.


Not the really the company you’d expect to be ahead of any curves but perhaps someone’s confused at the old Werther’s plant or maybe they’re going for that misguided young hip Skittles look..